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As a part of our homework assignement we were to do a mock up of a bag/purse/tote/backpack whe have designed. I was inspired by the unique fashion you can find in Harajuku.

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The Vain Skull Bag Design


Here is the mockup itself, I made it very simple just the main torzo of the bag.

As I was “designing” a bag which would be edgy, different from normal bags I did not count on the possibility where I would have to make a mock up. It was a hell of a process! At least I realized how much would the people sewing the bag for me hate me actually, and how much I would respect them if they’d actually make it.

The Vain Skull Bag
Fabric needed – 1.5yard (faux leather) 35.33 $
Zipper long (5 cm) 2.00 $
Zipper short (3cm) 1.29 $
Decorative items (sequins, studs, patches) 15.00 $
0.5 hours @10$ 5.00 $
Total production cost 73.62 $
20% profit 14.72 $
Total cost plus profit 88.34 $
Estimated price 89.00 $

Here is the production cost and estimated price per one bag. Given the fact that the design itself is bit tricky, plus additional decoration – the price is higher due to the $ per 30min of work.

Yet, still when I asked few friends, they said that given the look and style of the bag, the price is quite normal. So yay!

Try to follow me!

Statistics, numbers, bit of research and more numbers. Would you say that trying to figure out how to please your followers is a science?

No, but there definitely is a way how to gain more likes, thubs up and followers.  As you try to work it out, there are ways which will help you do that. You could use different sites which will help you with tracking the feed.

Where I keep a tight track on my followers in my Polyvore account. As my followers are from all over the world, it was rather hard to figure out the best possible time to update with new set to get noticed the most. However over time I have noticed the sets I post around 8-10 pm (CET) get the most likes, alongside those posted around 2-3 am (CET).

activity feedYet the activity also differs depending on the day of the week. Fridays and Saturdays (CET) are usually the most active. I am still nowhere to the numbers I would like to, but one day maybe.

One size fits all. Or does it?

Do you ever get the feeling when you shop, that you suddenly grew a size bigger or that the size you could have sworn you are suddenly doesn’t fit? It’s not your own body and mind cooperating on ruining your shopping spree, it could actually be just the production standards. This means that in mass-produced fashion, there is a tolerance up to 1/2″ for each piece, which can cause that two same pieces are actually bit different in fit.

As a homework assignment, I went out to do a little research on that particular “issue”. And as expected – the dresses I tried were two sizes bigger than the skirts I tried on, the coat of one size didn’t reflect the size of a bomber jacket and so on.

Finally, I went back to the basic – tops. I tried on this cute on in H&M from the Foxes collection (yes, we are small city and consumption of different or more edgy clothing is nearly impossible so the items rarely sell out).

The selected piece

The selected piece

Total number of sizes that fit? Two

Not only I tried two sizes to find out there isn’t that huge difference between them; but also the same sized pieces were ALL different. Not one top was same as the other. So then it depends on if you want it bit more loose around the neck, or body.

In conclusion, it is always better to take in the changing room more pieces with the same size, because chances are that you will find your perfect fit.

Production Costs – Parsons School of Design HW

Our homework assignment was to create a product based on the items that inspire us in our daily life. My pick was a Kat Von D’s Studded lipstick. I love the texture of studs on such an ordinary object.

I have decided to use the texture to create a button with such texture – bit punk and edgy and definitely standing out compared to an ordinary button.

Since I don’t have the equipment to actually produce one myself, I’ve created a mock-up. However, thinking a bit about the possibilities, I have decided to create a Production cost table based on what I would want to use to produce these buttons.

However, this principle of ordering half-ready products/buttons would most likely not be efficient enoughf for wholesale production and would need to be altered if necessary.

Handmade Studded Button Production Costs

Acrylic laser cut button shape (online) per button

0.50 $

Acrylic paint (online)

5.20 $

0.5 hours @8$

4.00 $

Total production cost

9.60 $

20% profit

1.92 $

Total cost plus profit

11.52 $

Estimated price

13.00 $

The Original Baby Girl: Aaliyah

Highest, Most Exalted, The Best

Today, marks the 14 years since the young queen and eight others died in a plane crash.Aaliyah Dana Haughton left too soon, yet her fan base remains strong even after all this time.

Recently, the fans united with a goal to receive a limited M.A.C cosmetics Aaliyah edition. #AaliyahForMAC has been trending on networks such as Instagram and Twitter, gaining support even from Aaliyah’s brother, Rashad.

Moreover, aside from Aaliyah’s music and movies, she was also a style icon ahead of her time. Nowadays, the brilliant artist Hayden Williams recreates Aaliyah’s iconic fashion with his own dash of unique leaving many wondering what her style would be like today. Sadly, we can only leave that to our imagination.

However, today, we can celebrate the ahead-of-time Aaliyah’s looks, which make her an idol inspiration for others.

  1. Eyebrow Game on Fleek
    We are all now aware of how important for the whole look our eyebrows are. Since Cara, most girls desire thick brows and perfectly arched. Aaliyah’s perfectly shaped ones are definitely “on point” even today.
  2. Ombre hombre?
    Baby Girl styled her hair with the red ombre look for her MTV Music Awards winning music video Try Again in 2000. She also rocked this look at the Romeo Must Die premiere and during the 2000’s MTV Movie Awards. And now, 15 years later, the ombre hair is one of the hottest hair trend among girls and women all over the world.
  3. We ♡ Denim Yes, the style is very 2000′ like, yet it’s still the denim overall that can be spotted worn today by many fashion bloggers and fashionistas. Aaliyah wore this look for the 2000 TRL, where she was a host. Lili styled the denim with a pair of Timberland boots and that adorable piece of body chain jewelry, also one of the hottest trends for this year.
  4. It’s the Tomboy style, baby girl

    Since the early debut days in 1994; with her Age ain Nothing but a Number album and hit song Back & Forth, Aaliyah’s signature style was the Tomboy Look. With the jazz personality & G Mentality
    came the baggy pants, alongside with oversized tops and outerwear. This was the look for Aaliyah at age 15.

    Well, I think that the image is a part of me. I wear the baggy pants, the hats, the whole nine. And you know, I may add a little for the excitement and the intrigue in the videos, but my family has told me that little air of mystery that surrounds me is for real.

    Later on, following with the album One in a Million, the Queen of Urban Pop at age 17 added portion of sexy into her looks. Oversized tops got replaced by the crop tops and the performer made her street style fashion more feminine.
    This style was the most prominent during her One in a Million era, yet remained the ultimate “Aaliyah Look” till this day. So  Are you that somebody?
    to make this look Hot Like Fire.

  5. B.U.

    I stay true to myself and my style, and I am always pushing myself to be aware of that and be original.

In the chase after trends, one can easily lose a bit of their unique vibe. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be the it girl, but make sure there is always that little something, that is solely and only you.

I want to dedicate this post to Aaliyah. To remind me, who was the very first celebrity to inspire me.

In the end, what I want to say is, thank you Aaliyah. For being a wonderful person who continues to inspire me and many others across the globe even after the long years. I believe, your legacy is what you wanted it to be~ We remember you as a full on entertainer and a good person. I miss you Aaliyah~

Follow Rihanna to the Garden’s of Dior

It’s such a big deal. For me, for my culture; for a lot of young girls of any color. I think, to be acknowledged by Dior is just, it means a lot as a woman to feel beautiful, and elegant, and timeless.

– Rihanna

Rihanna proves the world why she was chosen to be the face of Dior in March this year in the full version of the brand’s campaign film. Being an idol and an inspiration for many people around the world, this 27 years old icon shines as a queen like character in  fourth chapter of the Secret Garden Saga.

She is fierce, the power just radiates of her as she walks in beauty trough the Salons of the Gods. Or when she suddenly runs through the Hall of Mirrors with the red veil fluttering behind her; all while we listen to the sound of her heels on the wooden floor and her new song Night from upcoming #R8 album. Rihanna also transforms into almost ethereal being as she dances in the gardens.

This dramatic, eerie story takes place at night and all the dim light makes this film simply magical. The fabulous clothing contrasts perfectly with the magnificence of the palace. And Rihanna struts as if she was born to be the Dior girl, born to be the Queen of the Night taking over the palace of the Sun King.

Would you follow her and catch a glimpse of this dark fairytale?

Znamená to tolik. Pro me, pro mou kulturu; pro plno mladých dívek jakékoliv barvy. Myslím, ze uznání od Diora je strasne.., znamená to tolik aby si zena pripadala nádherná, elegantní a nadcasová.

– Rihanna

Rihanna dokázala svetu, proc se stala tvárí celosvetove uznáváného modního domu Dior letos v Breznu. Idol a inpsirace pro mnoho lidí po celém svete, tato sedmadvacetiletá ikona zazárila vypadající jako královna ve ctvrté kapitole Secret Garden ságy.

Je divoká, v kazdém okamziku z ní sálá síla. Kdyz se prochází Salónem Bohu, nebo kdyz utíká skrze Zrcadlový Sál zatímco za ní vlaje rudý závoj a vse za zvuku jejích podpadku na drevené podlaze a písne Night z nadcházející alba #R8. Rihanna se také promení v témer étherickou bytost, kdyz tancí v záberech z Versaillských zahrad.

Tento dramatický, tajuplný az témer prízracný krátký film se odehravá v noci a to dodává této kampani nádeh mysticna. Zároven skvostne a precizne sité saty kontrastují dokonale s velkolepostí Versaille. Kde se Rihanna nese jako by byla dávno predurcená stát se Dívkou Dior, Královnou Noci a prevzít vládu v paláci Krále Slunce.

Následovali byste ji, abyste mohly letmo zahlédnout cást této temné pohádky?

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Lately, I have been busy at school. That was sucking up pretty much all my creative spirit and my enegry. And no energy or motivations = not updating, not writing, kinda just creating a ghost blog. Just being here, but not really.

I wish to change that. Very soon