Production Costs – Parsons School of Design HW

Our homework assignment was to create a product based on the items that inspire us in our daily life. My pick was a Kat Von D’s Studded lipstick. I love the texture of studs on such an ordinary object.

I have decided to use the texture to create a button with such texture – bit punk and edgy and definitely standing out compared to an ordinary button.

Since I don’t have the equipment to actually produce one myself, I’ve created a mock-up. However, thinking a bit about the possibilities, I have decided to create a Production cost table based on what I would want to use to produce these buttons.

However, this principle of ordering half-ready products/buttons would most likely not be efficient enoughf for wholesale production and would need to be altered if necessary.

Handmade Studded Button Production Costs

Acrylic laser cut button shape (online) per button

0.50 $

Acrylic paint (online)

5.20 $

0.5 hours @8$

4.00 $

Total production cost

9.60 $

20% profit

1.92 $

Total cost plus profit

11.52 $

Estimated price

13.00 $


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