Go Bag

As a part of our homework assignement we were to do a mock up of a bag/purse/tote/backpack whe have designed. I was inspired by the unique fashion you can find in Harajuku.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

The Vain Skull Bag Design


Here is the mockup itself, I made it very simple just the main torzo of the bag.

As I was “designing” a bag which would be edgy, different from normal bags I did not count on the possibility where I would have to make a mock up. It was a hell of a process! At least I realized how much would the people sewing the bag for me hate me actually, and how much I would respect them if they’d actually make it.

The Vain Skull Bag
Fabric needed – 1.5yard (faux leather) 35.33 $
Zipper long (5 cm) 2.00 $
Zipper short (3cm) 1.29 $
Decorative items (sequins, studs, patches) 15.00 $
0.5 hours @10$ 5.00 $
Total production cost 73.62 $
20% profit 14.72 $
Total cost plus profit 88.34 $
Estimated price 89.00 $

Here is the production cost and estimated price per one bag. Given the fact that the design itself is bit tricky, plus additional decoration – the price is higher due to the $ per 30min of work.

Yet, still when I asked few friends, they said that given the look and style of the bag, the price is quite normal. So yay!


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