Go Bag

As a part of our homework assignement we were to do a mock up of a bag/purse/tote/backpack whe have designed. I was inspired by the unique fashion you can find in Harajuku.

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The Vain Skull Bag Design


Here is the mockup itself, I made it very simple just the main torzo of the bag.

As I was “designing” a bag which would be edgy, different from normal bags I did not count on the possibility where I would have to make a mock up. It was a hell of a process! At least I realized how much would the people sewing the bag for me hate me actually, and how much I would respect them if they’d actually make it.

The Vain Skull Bag
Fabric needed – 1.5yard (faux leather) 35.33 $
Zipper long (5 cm) 2.00 $
Zipper short (3cm) 1.29 $
Decorative items (sequins, studs, patches) 15.00 $
0.5 hours @10$ 5.00 $
Total production cost 73.62 $
20% profit 14.72 $
Total cost plus profit 88.34 $
Estimated price 89.00 $

Here is the production cost and estimated price per one bag. Given the fact that the design itself is bit tricky, plus additional decoration – the price is higher due to the $ per 30min of work.

Yet, still when I asked few friends, they said that given the look and style of the bag, the price is quite normal. So yay!


Try to follow me!

Statistics, numbers, bit of research and more numbers. Would you say that trying to figure out how to please your followers is a science?

No, but there definitely is a way how to gain more likes, thubs up and followers.  As you try to work it out, there are ways which will help you do that. You could use different sites which will help you with tracking the feed.

Where I keep a tight track on my followers in my Polyvore account. As my followers are from all over the world, it was rather hard to figure out the best possible time to update with new set to get noticed the most. However over time I have noticed the sets I post around 8-10 pm (CET) get the most likes, alongside those posted around 2-3 am (CET).

activity feedYet the activity also differs depending on the day of the week. Fridays and Saturdays (CET) are usually the most active. I am still nowhere to the numbers I would like to, but one day maybe.