Blonde ambition

“I am so fab! Check out I’m blonde, I’m skinny, I’m rich,
and I’m a little bit of a bitch” – Lady Gaga Donatella

We all know the old saying “blondes are dumb” or, following up with, “blondes have more fun”. Yet this stereotypes are nowhere close to the truth and lately it seems that “blonde” is a matter of style and attitude rather than anything else.

Last year, the blonde ambition trend flooded the world and appears to be going nowhere. What does blonde stand for anyway? Gentlemen Prefer blondes?
Nah. But it surely does make a statement.

Since we have made some progress in the hair care industry, we can pretty much without compunctions change the color of our locks anytime and all the time. Surely, there are many celebrities, from models to singers all over the world, who have decided to abandon their natural shade for the fair one inspiring their fans to follow-up; is blonde turning into subculture itself? Perhaps.

The topic of discussion lately isn’t anyone else but the one who broke the internet – the business woman, mother and lately an uprising fashion icon Kim Kardashian.

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 Kim showed her new look off in the first row of Balmain fashion show stealing a lot of attention. However she was not the only one to shock the world with their change of appearance; the actor turned rock star Jared Leto.

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Both looking quite stunning, don’t you think? Both definitely standing out. What do you think then? Do you dare to stand out? Do you have the blonde ambition?


Hi! My name is Lady T and I am a shoe addict

That would probably be my opening sentence at an addiction meeting. Every time I go out, I check out the shoes – not just for me, but I want to see what others are wearing. Still when I go out for me, shoes are the first thing I look at even when I don’t need them. I always find a reason to buy new pair of some rad sneakers or heavenly heels.

What is it about shoes that make our life so much aesthetically pleasing? Is it the colors, the shape of the shoe? Or is it something more? You know what they say, “Give me a red lipstick and a pair of heels and I will rule the world.”

Personally, I care a lot about shoes. Not only from the style point of view, but health as well. Being a student and not having my own car – I have to walk everywhere where public transportation cannot take me. Not to mention, everybody has to walk. At work, at school it does not matter, at some point you have to get up and walk. Therefore having a comfortable shoes is a must. But why not to pump it up a little bit?

But maybe I should calm down with the never-ending purchasing of the shoes… just maybe.

they are just too pretty Today’s look