Vampira meets the chola vibes at Givenchy FW15 show

Riccardo Tisci‘s shows are always powerful ones, and the Fall/Winter 2015 collection one is no exception.

The models hairdo was a typical chola street chick inspired, while the clothing seemed to be a Vampira alike attire. Yet the most striking for the overall looks were the face jewelery. Riccardo did a septum look before in his 2012 FW collection; making a fashion statement with a simple piece of accessory. However this year, he stepped the game up with a more “violent” version. While septum is becoming a trend among celebrities and street style fashionistas alike, I wonder how many will adopt this bold look.

Moreover, the whole show was veiled in a mysterious atmosphere, with nocturnal vibes to it. Still, the collection made you feel almost as if in the presence of a regal person. The clothes showed vicorian like waist focused pieces with some frill details, as well as jeweled pieces that just took my breath away.

What more can I say, will we become a royal sibling of the Addams family this fall?

Photo: Monica Feudi

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Hello daddy, hello mom! Your cherry bomb is the Saint Laurent girl

It is raw, it is in your face; it is the collection with attitude. Heidi Slimane brings his own twist to the so-popular-for-fall-shows 70’s look with a punk rock chick goes glam.

Every model’s walk was fast, confident and full of “I don’t give a eF” vibes, perfectly expressing the dress’ feel. Not to mention the runway, which looked like a mixture of a rock show platform and the Parisian/London punk streets and this helped to set the tone for the whole collection.

Forget the flowers, the pastels and the overall happy, well everything; because you are not gonna get it at Saint Laurent. The house presented leather, zippers, animal print, ripped stockings and quite a lot of tulle. Not to mention the bitch face models had on, that was supported by the bold black eyes and red lips make-up.

The glam twist at the punk rock vibes turned the 60 pieces collection into something special, as if you’ll wear it your constant attitude will be “I dare you!” These looks are not for the flower, lovely kids; but valiant, fierce women.

Would you dare to wear it?

Photo: Gianni Pucci

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Blonde ambition

“I am so fab! Check out I’m blonde, I’m skinny, I’m rich,
and I’m a little bit of a bitch” – Lady Gaga Donatella

We all know the old saying “blondes are dumb” or, following up with, “blondes have more fun”. Yet this stereotypes are nowhere close to the truth and lately it seems that “blonde” is a matter of style and attitude rather than anything else.

Last year, the blonde ambition trend flooded the world and appears to be going nowhere. What does blonde stand for anyway? Gentlemen Prefer blondes?
Nah. But it surely does make a statement.

Since we have made some progress in the hair care industry, we can pretty much without compunctions change the color of our locks anytime and all the time. Surely, there are many celebrities, from models to singers all over the world, who have decided to abandon their natural shade for the fair one inspiring their fans to follow-up; is blonde turning into subculture itself? Perhaps.

The topic of discussion lately isn’t anyone else but the one who broke the internet – the business woman, mother and lately an uprising fashion icon Kim Kardashian.

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 Kim showed her new look off in the first row of Balmain fashion show stealing a lot of attention. However she was not the only one to shock the world with their change of appearance; the actor turned rock star Jared Leto.

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Both looking quite stunning, don’t you think? Both definitely standing out. What do you think then? Do you dare to stand out? Do you have the blonde ambition?

Are we movin with our auntie, uncle and Moschino in Bel Air this fall?

Being the generation of kids who grew up on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air series, the Moschino FW15 collection was a throwback for me. From the street, hip-hop vibe style to the uptown Bel-Air dames but blended together perfectly.

Models walked to rather catchy beat, with giant boom-box serving as a runway prop gave the whole show even more of the 90’s feel.

And even though street style inspiration is popular lately, Jeremy Scott managed to give it a certain spin-off standing out with his edgy collection combining pieces that only few would dare to wear together.

Moreover,since Jeremy is known for his great fantasy and turning the most obvious, everyday objects to fashion items; he did not fail to amaze me. Presenting 65 looks, all standing out yet the whole scheme was altogether flawlessly matched. From the quilted, vibrant colored coats, the jersey sport like attire to hoodie like skirt-suit I was beyond impressed. But my favorite part was the gowns, who looked like you peeled off the sprayed street art and applied it on the vintage looking dress giving them the fresh vibe.

How do enjoy the trip to the 90’s hip-hop American street style?

Photo: Yannis Vlamos

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Hi! My name is Lady T and I am a shoe addict

That would probably be my opening sentence at an addiction meeting. Every time I go out, I check out the shoes – not just for me, but I want to see what others are wearing. Still when I go out for me, shoes are the first thing I look at even when I don’t need them. I always find a reason to buy new pair of some rad sneakers or heavenly heels.

What is it about shoes that make our life so much aesthetically pleasing? Is it the colors, the shape of the shoe? Or is it something more? You know what they say, “Give me a red lipstick and a pair of heels and I will rule the world.”

Personally, I care a lot about shoes. Not only from the style point of view, but health as well. Being a student and not having my own car – I have to walk everywhere where public transportation cannot take me. Not to mention, everybody has to walk. At work, at school it does not matter, at some point you have to get up and walk. Therefore having a comfortable shoes is a must. But why not to pump it up a little bit?

But maybe I should calm down with the never-ending purchasing of the shoes… just maybe.

they are just too pretty Today’s look


When I was getting ready for my bus trip to Venice, I knew what it meant – a new book. Regadless of how multilangual and open to other nations Prague is, majority of books is still in czech and finding a good book in english in a book stores is getting harder and harder.

Also, I am a cover judge; aka I pick a book depending on what its cover looks like. So going from the general fiction section to the “NEW” picks, #GIRLBOSS captured my attention immediately. I mean, obviously, as a goal concerned person this name just screamed at me from the self with unusuall force. Being familiar with Nasty Gal, I had to see what the book is about.

The cover is appealing, simple yet straight-forward. It is a story of the CEO of Nasty Gal Sophia Amoruso and basically how it all came to being. From the very beginning, the story just captures you and it is very easy to read. I finished the book within six hours.

You will find a little “how to” tricks and steps to becoming a #GIRLBOSS but mainly too feel like one. There is no “10 steps” program or specific list you need to follow, it is all about being YOU. Not being like your rolemodel – which there is nothing bad about having them, but rather following your mind and heart. Overall, I really love the book and the whole mindset. I like the attitude of being #GIRLBOSS

Be you. Be independent. Stay focused. Work smart, work hard and we will make it!

Your girl’s lesbian crush about to conquer U.S

Bold statement, and no; it is not my idea. The catchy line is from Skrillex‘s music video featuring Korean idols; Big Bang‘s G-Dragon and 2ne1‘s CL. Both signed up under the same agency as the Korean mega-star PSY who took over the world’s hitparades with just one song. But not to turn this to be about him (even though his songs are amazing) this is about the upcoming star in the U.S. – CL.

Being a member of a k-pop girl group 2NE1, CL already has established huge fan base in Asia. Now, she wants to share her unique ambience with the American market. With the Scooter Braun‘s help, she will (fingers-crossed) conquer the hitparades the same PSY before her. CL, born Lee Chaerin in 1991, has already released a succefull single titled The Baddest Female in summer 2013 (watch below).

Obviously, she has it all and the title is self-explanatory. The beat makes you dance, lyrics force you to sing along to “Nan nappeun gijibae” and we only get to admire the whole attire in the MV. CL wears it all effortesly, from street style Nasir Mazhar, Jeremy Scott to the urban chic Guiseppe Zanotti shoes. All combined in a way she is known for – a fashionista. With her interest in fashion and natural vibe which makes her stand out, she has made a great deal of friends in the fashion industry. From models to designers, CL fits in perfectly. Also, her natural confidence and beauty has captured Maybelline Korea making her the face of the brand.

Moreover, she is just a #GIRLBOSS to look up to. Fierce, not being afraid to stand out. Being a role model for people across the globe, myself included, for she speaks to them trough 2NE1’s music. Now, she is about to make a name for herself – breaking the sweet, shy and quiet asian girl stereotype.

The new phenomenon we will have a crush on. CL The Baddest Female. The queen #GZB (gizibe)

Complex Magazine has just released a nice interview with her, so check her out and let’s hope she will show the world what girls are capable of!

Photography by Kevin Amato